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Blood Magic - Tessa Gratton Both Nick and Silla are discovering who they were always meant to be in this story of magic and mystery. Is it dark and disturbing? Ohh yeah. But I really really enjoyed it.

The beginning portion of this book was interesting for me because the majority of it is the internal workings of Silla's brain. What she's thinking about and her take on events that have occurred in the past and what's going on in the present. I'm a big fan of dialogue so the lack of it in the first part of the book took some getting used to but once the book really got going, there was plenty of dialogue/interaction going on to keep me happy.

Speaking of interaction, there is some serious chemistry between Nick and Silla. Some of it was pure teenage chemistry (hello sultry make out scenes) but some of it was just..paranormal in a creepy, sexy way. Clasping bloody hands together to show how much they are connected to one another? I found this seriously dark but hot at the same time. (Am I weird?)

I was a little surprised at how well Silla took to the idea that blood and magic go hand-in-hand. I probably would have been more like her brother, Reese. And by that I mean, skeptical and thinking that Silla was crazy.

Overall, I think a really good first book for a series.