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If I Stay - Gayle Forman So, normally I'm not one for contemporary YA. I like the vamps, the weres, the magic, the dystopia. I don't like "normal" stories. THIS is not a "normal" story. THIS is a grab-your-heart-outta-your-chest-wrenching story.

The novel goes back and forth between what is happening in the present and flashbacks. Each flashback pertains to a certain person and shows what the relationship between them and Mia was like. I was sad when Mia was sad and happy when Mia was happy. I even googled the classical music selections so that I could feel even MORE like Mia.

I mean, I like music. But I started to LOVE music and how something could bring Adam and Mia together like that. And oh Adam. What an amazing boyfriend. The things that he does for Mia and how much he loves her. I could literally feel it radiating off the pages.

What would you do if you had the choice to live or die? How does one make that choice? Could you stay if you felt there was nothing left for you?

I think Mia's mom said it best: "Love's a bitch".