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Passion - Lauren Kate Though some people may find this book of the Fallen Series to be a little "repetitive" (as far as Luce going back in time and her "loves" with Daniel), I found it enchanting and was thrilled to see their love throughout so many lifetimes. In the first two books, much like Luce, I was told over and over again how epic their love was, but I didn't want to be TOLD about it - I wanted to witness it firsthand. And traveling to all those different times and places all over the world was pretty damn cool. Props to Lauren because I'm sure that took some serious research.

Also, if you like the supporting cast (even half as much as I do..which is ALOT) then you might be missing them because they aren't in this story as much. But you DO get to witness a critical moment for Cam..whom I love love love. I'm aware that the story is mainly about Luce and Daniel's great love, but my great love is for Cam. :)

Of course, I can't write a review without mentioning a new character - Bill. I found him to be like the stand-in for Cam as far as (hilarious) sarcasm. Em texted me telling me she thought he was creepy, but I thought he was funny. And he said more than a few things that I agreed with. Ahem - "There is more to life than teenage passion." I know, I sound like a parent..but looking back on my high school days, I must say that things I thought were "so important" - like a high school boyfriend - really aren't that big in the grand scheme of things. I realize Daniel and Luce are different but the quote is fairly accurate overall.

If you were looking for Passion to be the climactic ending of the story with Rapture being some kind of epilogue filler, then I'm not sure what to tell you. I guess I knew what to expect from Passion and that's why I wasn't like "What the heck - Where is all the "action"? Where is the epic battle?! This is boring." That's not what this book was about - this book was about Luce and the Reader understanding what the hell was going on and setting everyone up for the final showdown.