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I run a blog with my best friend, Em - we love Young Adult literature.

Supernaturally - Kiersten White Book 2 is always hard to write. It's in between that first book, where the characters are all shiny and new and pretty, and book 3, where everything is settled. I think Kiersten White did a pretty good job in creating a second book for this series. It's fun and light-hearted - something that Ms. White is known for! (especially on Twitter!)

Evie is still the same ole Evie, with her love for "obnoxious pink" and all. However, I will say that she DID annoy me when she was lying to Lend. That is just not cool, Evie! I did like how she finally realized that high school/normal life isn't as great as she thought it would be. I guess she is the perfect embodiment of a teenager after all :)

I would definitely recommend re-reading Paranormalcy before reading Supernaturally if it's been a while since you've read it because I found myself trying to recall what all happened in the first book!