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Sweet Venom - Tera Lynn Childs Three sisters, separated at birth, are descendents of Medusa and live in modern San Fran. Wicked awesome hook.

First off, I like how although there are three main girls, it starts off with just the perspectives of two - Grace and Greer. I felt like I could get to know characters better and then have a third one introduced instead of having brain overload and trying to meet 3 new characters all at the same time.

All three of the girls had very distinct voices and you can tell that they aren't the same person. That being said, I definitely felt more drawn to Grace than the other two. I'm not sure if it was because she was mentioned first or because I'm more like her than the other two. And funnily enough, Gretchen got on my nerves to no end - seriously, how rude can I girl get? She was like Buffy gone mad! Greer was a good addition to the mix a little more than halfway through, but I definitely want to see more of her character in the second book!

Looking for a refreshing take on mythology while getting your fix for action? Look no further than Sweet Venom. This book was a cute, fun read that promises a great sequel.