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Deadly Cool - Gemma Halliday Recommended to me by Wendy Darling :)

Poor Hartley! Her boyfriend cheated on her and now he wants her to help clear his name?! UHH, let's just say she's a lot nicer than I would have been!

WHERE has this sub-genre been hiding! Murder Mystery with not a speck of paranormal or supernatural to be found. Hartley is a modern day Nancy Drew (I thought this before it's actually said in the book!). And she's sarcastic, witty, funny, and she is trying to prove her cheating ex-boyfriend is innocent so you know she's a nice girl.

I've been looking for a book like this for a while. I devoured it and loved playing Who Done It along with Hartley, CHASE (baddd boyyy), and Sam. I'll definitely be picking up the sequel, Social Suicide, which comes out in April.

PS - I know vegans are stereotypically "weird" and "hippy", but I would love to see a book where "vegan mother" is not synonymous with "kooky". (I'm vegan and hopefully not as kooky as vegans come off in books) Oh, also! Soy cheese is not vegan kosher, as it has Casein in it.