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The Queen of Kentucky - Alecia Whitaker 3.5 stars

Ricki Jo aka Ericka is starting high school. A fresh start! She'll make cool new friends and wear cute clothes! Yay! And..she's finally going to be able to change what people see when they look at her. Wait..is this really a good idea??

High school is a very important transitional period for everyone - boys and girls. And when you're starting at a high school where you didn't go the same middle school as most everyone else, things can seem rough. Ricki Jo quickly tries to become friends with the girls in her homeroom but are they the type of friends that she should really be making? And of course, she crushes on the most popular guy in 9th grade - you know, the one EVERYONE has a crush on, regardless of how big of a jerk he is!

This book really brought me back to the times of what it was like to be a freshman (Earth Science!) and trying to find your own group of friends. It reminded me of just how influential that time is on how kids turn out. It also tugged on my southern-heartstrings. Being from the south, it just brought home that hometown country girl feeling of Ricki Jo. Minus the alcohol references, I would have though this could be a older middle-grade book.

This book is as cute as the cover (which is very cute, indeed). It's contemporary fluff but I enjoyed it.