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The Fine Art of Truth or Dare - Melissa Jensen Probably like 3.75 stars

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare is the story of a girl named Ella. She has two fab best friends, a hilarious Italian family that reminded me of the family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and a nasty scar left from a boiling water accident when she was younger. This causes her to be EXTREMELY self-deprecating and self-conscious. The poor girl can't even see how awesome she is!

This book is blurbed as "Anna and the French Kiss meets Pretty in Pink" and I can definitely see the combination of the two within this book. The perfect popular boy with the queen-bee-yet-not-so-nice girlfriend from Anna and the French Kiss along side of the awkward quirkiness of Andie in Pretty in Pink. Those two things aside, I really think that The Fine Art of Truth or Dare is its own unique novel. It has mentions of Art History, which I absolutely loved. I'm a big, big fan of Klimt and "The Kiss", which is mentioned. And although maybe the younger crowd may not appreciate the references, I definitely did.

I also really enjoyed the pacing of this book. Sometimes it seemed a little slow, but I'd much rather have that than boy and girl fawning over each other by page 25, know what I mean? No insta-love, here!

If you like the movie Pretty in Pink, you'll definitely enjoy this.