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Perception - Kim Harrington Perception follows Clare Fern in the aftermath of her first solved murder-mystery crime. She’s gone from mostly invisible/ocassionally picked-on girl to being doted on by many of the “popular” girls from school. Her two love interests, bad boy Gabriel and ex-boyfriend Justin, are still vying for her attention. But Clare just wants to be left alone. And now a girl from school has gone missing and good-hearted Clare can’t help but get involved.

This novel was a good sequel to Clarity. It’s just as fun and cute as Clarity, but has an entirely different storyline, which I appreciate. Sometimes authors recycle the same old storyline, just with different murderers and victims, and call them sequels or even turn them into entire series. I liked that Perception had its own thing going on. We learn more about Perry, Clare, and the gang and it was a nice fluffy read.

I still stand by my comparison of this series to Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday. Perception, as well as Clarity, are fun supernatural murder mysteries that aren’t dark or scary but more Nancy Drew-esque.

Also, Team Nate FTW!