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Black Heart - Holly Black The FINAL book in The Curse Worker’s Series! What will happen to Cassel? What will happen to Lila? I NEEDED TO KNOW. And I found out.

Black Heart was a great ending to the story of Cassel, Lila, and the crew. Loose ends were tied up and people, essentially, got what was coming to them. Did I like it as much as the first two? No, but that’s because it felt like not enough stuff was going on. It wasn’t as thrilling as the first two and I guess that usually happens in the final book of a series. I wanted more from Black Heart but let me be clear that I still loved this book.

Cassel really comes into his own in this book. I don’t know quite how to describe it but he goes from being “baby bird brother” to a REAL MAN. And I’ve enjoyed watching him learn and grown over this series.

I recommend this series to all readers, especially if you’re looking for something VERY unique and yet, can be paralleled with our world today.