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Prom and Prejudice - Elizabeth Eulberg Prom and Prejudice is a retelling of my favorite book ever - Pride and Prejudice. But in this modern day retelling, Lizzie attends boarding school and that's how everyone is connected. The characters are obviously modeled after the original characters, but they seem to have a uniqueness about them at the same time and surprisingly, I didn't find myself comparing them to the characters in Pride and Prejudice at all - I enjoyed the book as it was.

I have to admit that I was a tad bit skeptical going in to this book because I was afraid that no one could do what I consider to be a "proper retelling" worthy of Pride and Prejudice, but Ms. Eulberg blew me away with her ability to make me forget that I was even reading a retelling.

I would recommend this book to classic and YA contemporary lovers alike. It's a fast read and a guaranteed feel-good.