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Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini This book is simply Unputdownable. I breezed through it and not because it was some flimsy, no sustenance book (it is DEFINITELY not that!) but because it was beautiful written and once I read the first couple of pages I knew that this was going to be great.

I was a humanities major in college and after taking a "super senior" year, let me tell you..I had my fair share of English classes. (And yes for the most part I paid attention.) I recognized all the ancient stories/characters/references that were going on while I was reading this book and the way that they are all interwoven with some unique aspects from Ms. Angelini was nothing less than brilliant. Is this a "modern retelling"? Yes and no. It isn't picking up an ancient story and just placing it in modern times - it is so much more than that. I feel like she used these literary characters as a guide and then really made them her own.

And oh, her characters. How Hector stole my heart. He might be seen as a minor character but I just loved him. A true family man.

496 Pages and it was still not enough for me! I wanted to keep reading and reading! I loved the way this book ended though. Some people might think it's a cliffhanger but I think it was the perfect stopping point for the first book. Dreamless is set to be released sometime in 2012. Who else can we expect to see from the House of Thebes?