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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver So before I give my review of this book, I'll tell you how it ended for me. I was sitting on my bed reading the last few pages saying outloud "No..no..no.." and then cried.

Well, now that you know what you're in for - let me tell you why I loved this book.

The concept of the book is a great one. A world where love is a disease that people can be cured of? Sometimes, people wish that they could stop loving people but a life totally devoid of ALL love? Having a feeling of indifference towards your parents, your siblings, your best friends? This is not a world that I would want to live in. And in this book, some people don't. They live outside of the fence in the wilderness. So, take your pick - comfortable life with no love or scrapping it out in the wilderness knowing what love feels like. I choose the latter.

Much like some other dystopic novels I've read this year, the world that Lena lives in chooses her life partner for her. And while I'm sure he's a nice guy, he's not "the one". Lena doesn't even like him that much. I'm very happy that Ms. Oliver didn't make a love triangle in this book. It was clear from the moment that she met Alex that he had feelings for her and that she reciprocated those feelings. She fell in love and I fell in love with both of them. (A boy who recites poetry? Yes, please. Swoon-worthy for sure.) The connection between them was so real - taking something as simple as hanging out at an old abandoned house and making it seem so important. (Because when you think about love and relationships, isn't it the everyday little things that are the most cherished?)

On to the ending - I cried. and cried. and cried. I almost threw my Nook because I was so emotional. Only after I finished reading, did I find out that this is in fact the first in a trilogy. Because let me tell you something, if that was the way the book had ended for good..well..Lauren Oliver, you would have been receiving some choice words from me.

Wonderful, wonderful novel.