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The Name of the Star - Maureen Johnson The Name of the Star is a story about a girl named Rory who moves from New Orleans to London and then attends boarding school there. Now, you might be thinking.."not another boarding school" - but STOP RIGHT THERE. This book uses the boarding school for the setting and isn't just about running a muck in the halls. We accompany Rory as she settles into her new school, makes friends, and then..Jack the Ripper? Yes, people - Jack the Ripper. Someone is committing copycat murders from the late 19th century and turns out Rory saw him..when no one else did. Don't worry..when you read this book - you'll find out why.

This was, for me, an extremely entertaining thriller of a book. Not only did Maureen Johnson keep me captivated throughout the entire book, she blew me away with her creativity. She started the world-building to this awesome "secret ghost police of London" and I can't wait to know more about that world. Ms. Johnson has some rockin' imagination.

This was such a unique take on the idea of a "ghost-story" and is definitely one to read ASAP.