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Abandon - Meg Cabot Woo hoo for me finally getting the time to finish this book (and by 'getting time', I mean staying up until 4AM this morning because once I had started it, I simply could not put it down). I had to know what was going to happen to Pierce and who the heck John was!

From the synopsis of the book (and maybe this is just me), I actually half-expected John to be a bad guy. The way that it was written - 'someone wants you back there' - was, for me, not a romantic idea as much as it was a SCARY one! (maybe I'm more like Pierce than I thought). However, as I progressed through the book I began to see more and more why John ISN'T a bad guy and how, in his own way, he actually means well. Is he a little scary? Sure. Does he ignore Pierce's wishes? Yeah. But his intentions are good. And that's what counts, right?

Speaking of John, can I just personally thank Meg Cabot for not making him the 'drop dead gorgeous - omg omg omg - every girl in school wants him - worship the ground he walks on' character. (Maybe she's saving that for Seth? haha) It was really refreshing to not have Pierce oogling over how perfect he was. I rather liked Pierce for noting that he was attractive but not putting him on some pedestal.

It wasn't just Pierce and John that got me into the book though. I think the idea of the book was a great one. There haven't been much Underworld-esque books (atleast that I've come across) and it was nice to get away from the Vamps and Weres for a little while. And I especially enjoyed the quotes from The Inferno at the beginning of every chapter. One thing that I'm a little confused on is exactly why Pierce isn't familiar with the Furies and the Underworld in general. She's in 12th grade, right? I thought that by then high school English classes had read Dante's Divine Comedy, no? It was on my 10th grade reading list. I guess it helps that I read the Inferno in 3 English classes in college, so maybe that's why I'm a little more familiar it. (My college professors would be so proud.) I feel like Mr. Smith right now - "What do they teach you children in school these days?!".

I'm pretty anxious for the next installment - Underworld - because there are alot of things of my mind at the end of this book. What is up with Alex? Who's Pierce's mom's ex-beau? Do the birds have anything to do with anything? How is Pierce going to handle her situation? So many unanswered questions!