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Slide - Jill Hathaway Slide is a story about a pink haired girl named Vee. She’s just your regular teenager, except for the fact that she can “slide” into other people’s minds if she has something of theirs. Sometimes she can help it and sometimes she can’t. When her younger sister’s friend dies of a so-called suicide, Vee must put the puzzle pieces together to find Sophie’s killer.

This book wanted to be a thiller but it didn't meet the mark. It felt too formulated. The main character is a girl who is has traded in her “glory days” of popularity for pink hair and a bad boy best friend with a lip ring. She has a younger sister who thrives in the social limelight (read: cheerleader), a mother who passed away, and an always-absent -father. I’ve seen it many times before in YA books and nothing about this particular situation made this book stand out in any way. This was a plot driven story and it just felt slow at times. The pacing went from slow to super fast and back to slow again then super fast. I felt too jerked around while reading this book. And oh, how could I forget, enter super hot new guy at school that only has eyes for our main character.

I did enjoy the idea of her “sliding” into other people but the topic wasn’t explored as much as I thought it should have been; I had more questions than answers. I thought this was a standalone book however from further research, I saw that it does have a sequel, about which I’m confused. This book had a wrap-up indicating a resolution and I’m wondering why the author would created more conflict?

Overall, this book just didn’t feel original and that’s something that I feel YA authors really need to strive for in a market where there are so many books. Will I read the second one? Probably not, but you never know.