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Fever - Lauren DeStefano So, Rhine and Gabriel are on the run. Rhine is desperate to get back to New York City and reunite with her brother, Rowan. Fever is the journey that Rhine and Gabriel make to try and get to New York City. Will they be successful and even if they are, what will happen once they get there?

I was a little bit afraid that Fever was going to be too much of a “middle novel”, with nothing but fluff in the middle and the “boring” stuff that happens in the second book in a trilogy. But, boy, was I wrong. This book is an intense ride that will have the reader on the edge of their seats wondering who can be trusted and what will happen next. Where Wither was a little more of getting to know Rhine, Gabriel, and all of the other characters – a little bit slower with the pacing, Fever is the perfect pace and you get to see Rhine in a different light than you saw her in Wither. She’s stronger and I grew to like her more and more as Fever progressed.

Surprisingly, the “love interest” took a backseat to her trying to find Rowan (for me atleast). In the first novel, I wondered “Linden vs. Gabriel”, but in Fever all I wanted was for Rhine to find Rowan. This is a sign of true character development on Ms. DeStefano’s part. I cared about the main character independent from anything and anyone else.

The ending was good but I find myself not caring what happens in the next book.