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The Shattering - Karen Healey Hm. This book was a bit of a conundrum. Did I like it? Did I not like it? Is this a murder mystery or a paranormal? The answer is yes to all of the above.

The Shattering is told from three perspectives (Keri, Janna, and Sione) but I found myself liking Keri the most. She was funny and a little bit more reserved; that's more my style.

Let's talk good/positive things:

I really like that this book started out with a bang. It gave the book a purpose - Keri's brother has died and within the first few pages, she suspects that it might be murder instead of a suicide. Because of this, I was intermediately enraptured with the book. The writing style was also something that I really enjoyed; I'm not quite sure what exactly I liked but it was such an easy read and that is always a good thing. And of course, that darn twist at the end. I didn't even see that coming and I thought I had figured everything out. I was blindsided - and it felt good! Also hello, writing a story start to finish in 300 some pages and still having it feel complete, that is a feat!

Now on to the thing that I wasn't too..um..thrilled? about:

I thought this was going to be a murder mystery and that's why I was initially so excited. Something refreshing for YA! But alas, yes slight spoiler, it turns into a paranormal. I was so disappointed. I know - it seems so small but I saw where it was headed and I just thought, "No!".

Overall, I think this was a very solid book and a good, quick, fun, summer read!

I would definitely recommend it for older teens as I think the importance/significance of the "colonialism, racism, and land rights" (pg. 78) might be lost on the younger teens.

ps - I LOVED the unique setting and am always happy to see other Pacific Islanders get some book love!