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Ask the Passengers - A.S. King Another great work from A.S. King. In Ask the Passengers, we meet Astrid Jones, who is struggling with not only figuring out who she is but also publicly displaying it. She is falling in love with another girl but doesn’t quite know what to make of it – add in her slightly odd family – and the fact that she lays on a picnic table in her backyard and you’ve got an interesting story!

I LOVE the way the A.S. King writes. (And though she did get a Printz Honor Award for Please Ignore Vera Dietz, I don’t think she gets as much praise as she deserves!) Her writing cuts right to the heart of things for me and when I’m craving something deep and meaningful, I always know that she’ll hit it out of the park. When Astrid sends her “love” up to the people in the planes, I really enjoyed seeing how that affected the people sitting up there. And not only that, but the reader was also given a small bit of background information on them (the passengers) and it took me, as a reader, outside of Astrid’s story without taking me out of the novel and that’s a very tricky line to walk.

Fans of Please Ignore Vera Dietz and Everybody Sees the Ants will enjoy this one for sure. Make sure to read when you’re feeling really angsty!