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Insignia - S.J. Kincaid A boy, outer space, and video games – you’d think that this isn’t really something that I’d like, especially since I read the infamous Ender's Game earlier this year and was very “meh” about it. But Insignia, oh man, I LOVED this book. Let me tell you why.

It’s action packed.
Lots of BANG, WHOOSH, PHEW – I don’t know how else to describe the action that happens in this book. From the scenes where they’re training to the war and epic battles – everything is fast paced.

Tom is SUCH a boy.
He likes the pretty girl at school, he’s self-conscious, and goofs off with his friends. Reading boy characters is always nice in this girl dominated world of YA, but Tom was especially refreshing. He is so incredibly likable and has that je ne sais quoi.

The world building.
HOLY WOW. Okay, outer space can be anything the author wants it to be but the Spire, the wars, the reason behind the wars - S.J. Kincaid went into detail about these things instead of just doing the bare minimum and it was amazing.

And the end BROKE MY HEART. Ow ow ow – Anna from Anna Reads and I were emailing back and forth after we finished and we couldn’t stop talking about how heartbroken we were! Also, it’s SUPER funny, which can be kind of a hard balance to find in a science fiction book.

This is a MUST READ, even if you don’t think it’s something that you’ll like.