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The Edumacation of Jay Baker - Jay  Clark Jay Baker is the quintessential teenage boy. He's snarky, he's hilarious, he's sarcastic - and I liked him. His family life seems to be pretty normal; however, that's just what it looks like on the outside. He's in love with his best friend and she may or may not return his feelings and then there's a potential new love interest in the new girl at school.

I really, really liked the Jay Baker. He is exactly what I think a teenage boy should sound like. Male main characters in YA are scarce and sometimes they seem too feminine or not quite boy-ish enough for me. Jay Baker was EXACTLY how I thought a teenage boy should and would act. Did I agree with some of the stuff he did or said? No, but that's probably what makes my case that he's a believable character.

I also really liked the way the story unfolded. And it totally did not end the way that I expected, which was really refreshing. These days it seems like I can see things coming from a mile away, but not here. And these twist and turns are realistic.

I know 3 stars makes it seem like I didn't like it, but I did! The only thing that I think the younger folks would have a problem with are the pop culture references. I, personally, thought they were hilarious and understood most of them; however, since the target audience of YA is 12-18 years old, I don't know that the pop culture jokes would resonant with them the way it did with me. Oh and, it didn't end exactly how I would have liked. But that's just my opinion.

Definitely pick up this 2012 Debut book when you're in the mood for lots of laughs, a good contemporary story, and/or a boy POV! I enjoyed it!