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Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick - Joe Schreiber Looking for an action-packed, explosion filled, super secret spy YA book? Look no further.

Perry is thrown into a crazy world full of dodging bullets and taking punches all on prom night. A night that he wanted to spend jamming out with his band but was forced to take his dorky European exchange student to prom instead. Only she turns out to be much more than an exchange student.

If you want something high-intensity, this is the book to go to. While Perry and Gobi aren't very fleshed out, I think the book is more plot driven than anything else. Gobi is trying to kill people and that's what's really driving the book. And also, maybe Perry and Gobi aren't very fleshed out so that the reader can easily step into the shoes of Perry (a la Bella in Twilight). Minus the whole romance thing, because there is zilch in this book.

Was this my favorite read of the year? No. But it's cute and if you want something short and sweet, this is it.