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Graffiti Moon - Cath Crowley Another great contemporary (and great audiobook!)! I read this one when I was really in the mood for some contemporary and it hit the spot. Lucy is looking for a graffiti artist named Shadow and her and some of her friends (and non-friends) go on a hunt to find him. This was fun, and yet not what I would necessarily call “light-hearted”. Some of her non-friends are in a bit of trouble and Lucy isn’t aware of this at the beginning. The book is broken up into three different points of view – Lucy, Ed, and Poet – and each POV brings something different to the table. Lucy tells us of dreams of art and glassblowing and finally get out into the world now that she’s done with year 12. Ed shows us kind of a sad story – he’s dropped out of school and yet shows incredible promise. Poet has a way with words and is also absolutely hilarious and brings a gritty type of feel to the book.

Once again, another author has got me loving a book set with a 24 hour timeline. When the pacing is just right for these kinds of books, it works wonderfully. All of the scenes – from the party to the school – felt so right. What also felt so right was the best friendship between Lucy and Jazz. The way they spoke to each other was so real and just how best friends act.

A very quick read (I listened to this one in less than a day) and still meaningful. I absolutely adored this book and fans of Melina Marchetta will enjoy it as well!