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Feedback - Robison Wells As some of you may know, last year VARIANT was one of my favorites. It had action and thrills and suspense. The last page of Variant was like “WAIT – WHAT?!”

Unfortunately, Feedback just didn’t have the oomph that Variant had. It felt forced and went in a direction that I didn’t see, but also didn’t really like. I mean, stuff got weird and not in the good way. It wasn’t full of suspense or thrill, and fell flat for me. I think maybe the stakes were too high and it felt like the first book built and built and built and then there was nothing.

I don’t think it was the writing style that wasn’t working for me – because it the style was pretty much the same as Variant – it was just the story itself. And even though I didn’t really enjoy the story all that much, I gobbled this up in less than 2 days.

I’m looking forward to Mr. Well’s next book, BLACKOUT, which comes out in October!