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Stealing Parker - Miranda Kenneally What is it about Miranda Kenneally’s writing that makes it so readable – I mean, readable to the point that I’m engulfed and do not put the book down to do anything! Both Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker are on my Read in One Sitting shelf because I literally devoured them whole. The interesting thing is that Jordan and Parker are very different girls, going through very different situations and yet I found myself connecting to both of them so much that I just couldn’t let go.

In the companion to Catching Jordan, we meet Parker who is a little confused on what she wants from life. She’s going crazy in that she just kissing all kinds of boys – possibly even the 23 year old baseball coach – WAIT WHAT?! I know I know, it sounds creepy – and it is, kind of (more of that later in this review). At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I liked Parker but by the end, I would definitely consider her a likable character.

Now, back to the 23 year old baseball coach. The thing is that 5-6 years really isn’t that big of an age difference; however it is when you’re younger and especially when you’re younger than 18. That being said, I think a lot of it also has to do with the positions that these two characters are in (no pun intended). He’s her TEACHER, which is a position of authority and that’s why it’s perceived as something gross and wrong. For those who have read Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins, did you feel the same disgust and ickiness about Max? I personally didn’t feel an ickiness about him because of their age difference – I didn’t like him because he was a jerk, not because he was 22 and she was 17.

Pervy teacher aside, I thoroughly enjoyed Stealing Parker and can’t wait to read books set in this world. I love Hundred Oaks High!