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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand In Unearthly, Clara Gardner found out about her purpose, moved to a new town, and then tried her best to complete her purpose. In Hallowed, it's the after-effects of the first book and how Clara's purpose has perhaps been altered by the choices she made.

I loved this book. Clara reminds me so much of myself and when I found myself literally screaming (yes, actually YELLING) at my Kindlebecause I was so angry (as well as crying so hard my eyes got all puffy), I knew that these characters were 100% real and very dear to me. Do I agree with everything that Clara did? UM, NO. But that aside, the message that Cynthia Hand gets across in this book is universal to every single human, angel, whatever, etc in the universe: "What is my purpose in life? What am I suppose to do? Does one single action determine if I'm good or evil? Why am I here!" These are things that everyone asks themselves.

You guys, this book has it all: beautiful writing, wonderful characters, and the perfect boy (yes, singular) - Team Tucker!