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Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake Last time we left Cas and Anna, Anna was trapped in Hell and Cas was sad that she sacrificed herself to save him. But now he’s having these weird dreams where Anna is calling to him asking him to save her. But will he? Is it even possible?

If there are any doubts about whether or not this is a great sequel, let them be put to rest now because I’m here to say that it *is* a worthy sequel. There’s more action in this book and more is on the line for Cas and Anna. I devoured this book in probably a day and a half. Kendare’s writing style is still awesome, Cas is still the boyish boy he was in Anna Dressed in Blood, and yet this felt so fresh! It was like visiting characters and knowing they’re the same but not getting bored with them.

I really liked that there was a little bit more history behind his knife and that we got to see the strange background of the cult-like group from Great Britain. We met some new frenemies and things are always interesting when you don’t know who to trust. Overall, a great sequel and read. The loose ends are wrapped up and so I don’t foresee a third book, but you never know!