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Social Suicide - Gemma Halliday If you loved Nancy Drew or Harriet the Spy as a kid, you’re bound to like this book. Hartley Featherstone is back in the center of attention when she discovers yet another of her classmates dead. This time, it’s Homecoming Queen nominee Sydney Sanders. So how will Hartley prove that this wasn’t suicide and who is murderer?

Oh, this series is just SO MUCH FUN. It’s light hearted murder mystery with tons of humor and playfulness wrapped in it. It really is so much fun trying to guess who the killer is. Interesting for me is that I just finished I Hunt Killers and while they are both “murder mysteries”, Social Suicide‘s playfulness seems to win me over in spite of itself.

And while there isn’t much romance in this book, I’m perfectly okay with that! (Surprising, I know!)

I absolutely adore this series and want more!