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Rules of Attraction - Simone Elkeles In Perfect Chemistry, we met Alex Fuentes - the oldest of the three Fuentes brothers but in Rules of Attraction, we get to meet his younger brother, Carlos. Seriously, these two could not be any different. While Alex is swoon-worthy and sweet, Carlos is definitely more rough around the edges - a real bad boy. We follow him when he's pulled from Mexico and brought to Colorado to live with Alex. He gets in some trouble and then goes to stay with Alex's college professor's family, where he meets the professor's teenage daughter. She is nothing like Carlos - she doesn't cut class and she makes good grades. And yet, they have this attraction that can't be denied.

Once again, Simone Elkeles blew me away with her ability to make forbidden teenage love seem so real without being overly cheesy or angsty. Carlos and Kiara have this palpable attraction and I found myself loving them even more than I loved Alex and Brittany. And I really like that Simone was able to create a new conflict for Carlos than Alex had previously endured, because it would have been easy to just re-write Perfect Chemistry with Carlos as the main character.

On a side note - I LOVE the audiobook for this one!

If you loved, Perfect Chemistry, or if you love love stories, this one is a great pick!