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Where She Went - Gayle Forman Updated 8/19/2012 A third time reading this and it still destroys me. So, so emotional.

I feel like words are so inadequate to describe the way I felt about this book. A facial expression or some kind of half-squeel half-sob feels more appropriate. But I'll do my best to explain in words how completely and utterly wonderful this book is.

Where She Went is told from Adam's point of view..and boy is he damaged - "battle scars" in his words. Poor guy doesnt even know why Mia left him. My heart ached for Adam half the time and the other half I was seriously pissed at him because he was just acting childish i.e. throwing tantrums and some of the err..activities that he was engaging - ugh, I mean I get it dude..your heart is broken but really?

The story telling method is similar to If I Stay in that it goes back and forth between the present and past. However, alot of the past memories were ones from the relationship between Adam and Mia and it was SO GOOD to see more of their relationship (since Mia's flashbacks weren't just about Adam).

I really connected with Adam, which is weird because I am rarely able to connect with a male character. (It took me more than half of The Maze Runner before I could get into it because it's told from Thomas's perspective.)

Ultimately, Where She Went is about Adam asking himself this one question:

Can you love someone enough to let them go?