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Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas Where do I begin? Let’s talk about the cover first, which I definitely like more than the original one. The girl on this new cover actually looks like a badass assassin. Oh, and look we’ve got comparisons to The Hunger Games and GAME OF THRONES. Alright, stop right there. If you’re looking for Game of Thrones, do not pick up this book. It is NOT Game of Thrones – I am actually a little bit offended that someone thought that people who like Game of Thrones would enjoy this. They are trying to sell this as Fantasy, but what I took away from it was a teenaged girl who likes to make out with boys and eat sweets – A LOT of sweets. I mean, she’s suppose to be an assassin but all I could picture was this:

Then all she wanted to do was talk about the LAVISH clothes. I mean, she’s suppose to be an assassin and for me, that’s at odds with loving clothes and eating sweets – sorry!

This book sounded like it was written by a teenage girl – and I’m pretty sure the author was young when she wrote this but it just sounded too – immature – for my liking.

Plot-driven and “action-packed” – I just found myself seriously not caring what the heck happened to this annoying girl, which made me kind of sad because so many of my friends really enjoyed this one. Funny as that is – yes, I picked up the next installment – you’ll hear my thoughts on that one later this week.

Have you this book? What did you think? Am I being harsh?

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