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If you’re looking for a fluffy, one-day read – pick this one up!

Over You - Nicola Kraus, Emma McLaughlin

Hollywood film executives, take note of this book! I would definitely go see Over You if it were at the box office. It’s cute, fluffy, and fun – it’s chick lit that fans of Meg Cabot would definitely enjoy. Did I learn anything about myself from reading this book? No, but that’s okay because it was just plain fun. I really enjoyed the characters – they were relatable teens, and although somewhat cookie cutter, I was okay with it.


Most of all, I loved all of the brands and fashion nods in the book. My favorite quote: “I’m about as tranquil as a Missoni dress.” Missoni is KNOWN for their wild prints.


Then she had a Marni vest! AH – LOVE! Okay, so basically I loved all of the fabulous things she had plus her sassiness was killer. Brokenhearted teenage girls are nothing new but it was fun to read this story. I wish it had been written in first person (I would have liked to connect a little bit more with Max) but I understand why it was written in third person omniscient.


If you’re looking for a fluffy, one-day read – pick this one up!

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