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Wanderlove - Kirsten Hubbard Wanderlove is the story of a girl, Bria, and how, in the summer between high school and college, she comes to her own beautiful self-discovery in South America with the help of a bad-boy who is desperately trying to be good.

No doubt about it, this is a coming of age story. Bria is trying to shed her old self behind and she’s determined to show everyone that she’s not who they think she is; she wants to be someome wild and daring – something she isn’t. But the question is, why? I mean, I get it – most 18 year olds want to change something about themselves but at times Bria just seems rather childish in her wishes to be this “daring Bria” who is intent on showing her ex-boyfriend just how awesome she is (and he’s not even there on the trip).

I don’t know – I enjoyed this read and I can definitely see how some people would LOVE it, but it was just okay for me. I don’t have wanderlust (I travel enough already as it is and so the thought of planes isn’t one that makes me squee with excitement) but I can totally see how people who love to travel or want to travel would love it. It’s fresh and I liked Bria’s voice (even if at times, she sounded whiny). Also, it was my mistake for reading this contemporary when I was really craving a high fantasy. Readers, trust (and go with) your mood! It can affect your current read.

Overall, a solid sophomore novel from Ms. Hubbard and I will definitely be picking up Like Mandarin. Fans of Looking for Alaska and Saving Francesca might enjoy this one.

PS- I do not encourage going off with some stranger backpackers in a foreign country. Highly dangerous, so please remember this is a fictional book.