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The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers - Lynn Weingarten 3.5 stars

The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers is the story of Lucy and how, after she gets her heartbroken by her boyfriend on the first day of school, three girls approach her and tell her they know a way for her to never be heartbroken again. And really, after your heart is broken, how awesome does the guarantee of one's heart never being broken again sound?!

There were a lot of things that just really jived with me about this book. Lucy was a relateable character - am I 15? No, but I WAS 15 at some point in my life and I remember what it felt like to be that young. And Lucy wasn't whiny (yay!). Was she sad about her ex-boyfriend? Yes, but when you get your heart broken, don't you linger over them for a little while? Give the girl some time to grieve, people!

I also really liked the group dynamic between the 4 girls - if they were all "mean girls" it wouldn't have worked the way it did. Each girl has something unique about her and I liked their differences. I also really enjoyed the platonic relationship between Lucy and her guy BFF, Tristan. He reminded me so much of a lot of my guy friends at home. I suppose that's what I enjoyed about this book - I could see people I know and myself in so many of the characters. And although this is a "supernatural" type of book, the themes in it are very similar to those in contemporary novels. Overall, I just loved how Lucy grew through the novel and came into her own at the end.

This book was perfectly paced, wonderfully written, and deserves the Kirkus Star that it received.