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Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally Jordan is a high school senior - she's pretty - she's tall - and she's the school's quarterback. Wait..what?! Yes, people. She's the quarterback and one of the captains of her high school football team. But is it believable? Yes, it is!

This isn't a story about sports. It's about a high school girl trying to fulfill her dreams and just trying to be a teenage girl in the midst of it all. She's got a semi-supportive family: her brother believes in her - her mom does too but definitely wants her to be "more girly" - but her dad, well he's tricky. He outwardly wishes for her to stop playing football but what does he feel inside? And although her family isn't 100% behind her and her dreams, her best friend Henry is. And perhaps, so is this mysterious new guy - Ty.

Ty is cute, he's athletic, and there's definitely a strong romantic pull. I can see why she's likes him. But is your dream school worth sacrificing over some guy? Jordan is a very, very motivated and dedicated girl - not only to her dreams of being the quarterback at Alabama but also to her friends.

Speaking of which, can I tell you how much I enjoyed JJ, Carter, and Henry? These are Jordan's best guy friends and they are the epitome of the guys I knew in high school. Though, I did have some issues with how much sexual activity there is (and there is a lot and very fast paced as well) and the idea that parents would really allow a 17-18 year old boy to sleep over.

Catching Jordan is a very cute, fun-filled contemporary that really shows high schools as they are - flaws and all. I'd recommend it to readers who like sports and/or strong female characters.