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Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake WICKED good book.

I fell in love with this book in the first page. Why? Because it references North Carolina.

Okay, aside from that I really did fall in love with this book. It starts out in a way that really gets your heart pumping and you're already on the edge of your seat. From then on out, you're on this roller coaster of a ride with Cas and his ghost hunting lifestyle. Cas has all the qualities of a great male protagonist - he's likeable, he's slightly cocky but funny, and underneath it all he's a sweetheart.

Anna Dressed in Blood is funny, exciting, and a fresh take on the paranormal romance sub-genre of YA. I felt myself devouring the book in less than a day because the story telling is simply amazing. It's told from Cas' perspective and I actually really like it. I don't think it would have worked as well from Anna's perspective. I also really like that it's a good 70-something pages into the book before we meet Anna. It gave me some time to really get to know to Cas before introducing Anna.

Overall, I think I really enjoyed Anna Dressed in Blood because of the wonderful story-telling of Kendare Blake. If you're looking for a book that you simply can't put down and love paranormal romance, then this is definitely for you!