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All Our Yesterdays - Cristin Terrill Full Disclosure : Cristin and I are both part of the (totally awesome) DC YA Mafya aka a group of mostly writers (but sometimes bloggers) who live in the DC Metro Area. What I’m trying to say is: we're friends IN REAL LIFE. However, this review is my “professional” (ha!) opinion of her book.

Time travel, you guys! EEP!

Let me be the first to tell you that this doesn't just gloss over time travel theory - Cristin gets into the nitty gritty, which may make readers do a lot of double takes (aka re-reads of paragraphs) to fully grasp things. I'm not going to lie - I had to read, and re-read, and re-re-read passages sometimes but then I was like Scott Pilgrim when it all started to make perfect sense:


My favorite part about this book were the action scenes (especially the one that takes place in DC!). There was so much tension in this book - what will happen - who will make it - who did what - what the what. And I seriously can not wait for the follow up book!

All Our Yesterdays is perfect for fans of Myra McEntire's Hourglass trilogy. Tons of action, fast-paced, and oo lala ROMANCE! It was released on September 3rd, 2013 - so what are you waiting for? Go buy it already!