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This Song Will Save Your Life - Leila Sales 4.5 stars

Are you a huge music junkie? Do you listen to music EVERYWHERE you go? You’ve got your earbuds in even if you’re going for a 5 minute walk? Well, you’re going to love this book!

And good news to those who AREN’T listening to music at every spare moment of their day (like me!) – you’re going to love this book too!

This Song Will Save Your Life is about Elise finding something that she LOVES doing and that turns out to be something that she’s good at as well, DJing!. I think it’s important for teens to find something that they’re passionate about – their own special thing – and hold on tight to it. It takes them away from anything else going on in their life and for that little bit of time, they can do the one (or few!) things they like.

Having a passion helps people become who they are and helps them become the people they always wanted to be – for Elise especially – she is independent and confident and happy in her own skin – and that is such an important lesson for teens.

A great contemporary by a wonderful writer.

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