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Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor This book is flippin fantastic. I read it in about a day and was pretty much caught up in "Elsewhere". And that is just one of the many, many things that makes Daughter of Smoke and Bone so darn good. Here are some reasons why you should read this book:

The world building is stunning.
I mean, really. Some of the best world building I've seen this year between the demons, the angels, and the war. The descriptions of the places that Karou sees while she is in "Elsewhere" and also just the whole notion of this other world where demons are reincarnated during battle. There are such intricate details of this world that it feels real. If you like fantasy, you're going to love this book. So epic.

Great Writing
The writing in this book is incredible, bar none. Great descriptions, whisking you away in this fantasy tale of star-crossed lovers and a battle as old as time. I could literally see everything playing out right in front of me. I haven't read Ms. Taylor's other work but I've heard great things about Lips Touch: Three Times and if it's anything like Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I'll be raving over it as well.

The Ending
Simply amazing. I was on the edge of my seat and now I'm waiting for more.

Side note: I do not like Prague. This is a personal bias against the city because of a bad experience there while I was studying abroad. Going into this book, I was extremely skeptical because it's set in Prague. I have been to the Charles Bridge and some of the other destinations mentioned and you know what? I actually liked this Prague. Seeing the city through Karou's eyes made me actually like Prague. Kudos, Laini Taylor!