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Possession (Possession, #1)

Possession - Elana Johnson Sigh, I was really really excited for this book. And I really wanted to like it. But I just..didn't. I feel like it starts out confusing and just keeps that trend going throughout the entire book. The jargon and term words are used as though this was a sequel to a book and poorly explained. By page 50, I still had no more insight to this world than page 1.

Most of the time I would be right in the middle of a scene and think to myself 'What is the point of this book?'. Whenever that happens, you know that things are bad. I didn't understand why Violet had such a big attitude or chip on her shoulder and while Elana tried to make Jag seem super sexy and mysterious, I only found it strange that Violet would suddenly give up 5 years of loving Zenn after a week with Jag. Sorry, but love doesn't work like that. I felt like Violet was trying to be "bad" just for the sake of trying to be bad. It felt forced and only irritated me. Was I suppose to be cheering for her?

Overall the writing aspect of it was great. The descriptions and the actual writing was some of the better work I've seen this year. But I felt like Elana was trying to make this dystopian novel and Violet so much "different" than what is out there right now that it made the book turn out odd. The ending? I get where she was trying to go for the whole "OMG!" twist, but I just thought it was trying too hard.

Maybe I'm being a little harsh. But really, I had to force myself through this read.

You'll like this book if you love all things dystopic and don't mind what feels like an incomplete book.